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Different from the modular adding of Forms to compose your U.S. Tax Return based on your individual tax position, the Dutch tax returns come in ready packages based on your tax position. These packages are referred to as Biljets.

Biljets are not made available for general use but are always assigned to a taxpayer. The Biljets can therefore only be obtained from the Dutch tax authorities upon request. 

P-Biljet: tax return package for resident taxpayers and partial non-resident taxpayers of the Netherlands

M-Biljet: tax return package for taxpayers who immigrated to or emigrated from the Netherlands during the relevant fiscal year

C-Biljet: tax return package for non-resident taxpayers who do not live in the Netherlands but received income from Dutch sources during the relevant fiscal year

O-Biljet: tax return package for taxpayers who receive income from self-employment activities

F-Biljet: tax return package for taxpayers who passed away during the relevant fiscal year

You can download a free copy of the tax return program from the website of the Dutch tax authorities for calculation purposes. However, you can only file a tax return after you have been assigned a Biljet.   

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