Tax information


OnestopTaxprep makes sure that both your Dutch and U.S. tax returns are harmonized.

U.S. citizens and Greencard holders living inThe Netherlands have a continued filing obligation for the U.S. Federal purposes. In addition, living and / or working in The Netherlands will result in a filing obligation in The Netherlands. Similarly, a Dutch national living and / or working in the United States will have a U.S. filing obligation as well as a continued Dutch filing obligation.

If you are one of those unfortunate people to whom the above applies, you will need to deal with filing tax returns in both countries. It is therefore important that you find a tax preparer who can deal with both tax systems and help you avoid paying tax in both countries over the same income. Having a dual Dutch and U.S. tax preparer can save you the trouble of dealing with different tax preparers in different time zones. Furthermore, you can be sure that the preparer understands both systems, which is of utmost importance. We offer one stop for combined Dutch and U.S. tax preparation services.

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