Tax return preparation


Preparation of U.S. Federal income tax returns:

preparation of the 1040 Forms Schedules A /B

preparation of the 1040 Forms Schedule D

preparation of nonresident tax returns

preparation of the foreign related Forms 1116 2555 and 8833

preparation of the AMT Forms 1116 / 6251 and 8801

filing of Federal extension to October 15th

filing of Federal extension from October 16th to December 15th

filing of State extension

preparation of Foreign Bank Account Forms (Form TDF 90-22.1)

preparation of Form 8938

preparation of Form W-8BEN

preparation of PFIC Form (Form 8621)

preparation of Individual State Income Tax Return

preparation of Schedule C (self employment)

preparation of Schedule E (rental property, partnership income, etc)

Preparation of Dutch income tax returns:

Transfer / Migration Year

Box 3 income

Box 2 income

Tax Return for the partner

Filing a request for extension of filing

Request for mortgage interest refund

Business tax return preparation:

Dutch income tax returns for self-employed individuals

U.S. income tax returns for businesses

Form 5471 for reporting Foreign Corporations

Form 8865 for Reporting a Foreign Partnership

Form 1065 for Reporting a US Partnership