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By specializing in the preparation of both Dutch and U.S. income tax returns for individuals located overseas, onestopTaxPrep is familiar with all the U.S. complexities of your income tax position while living in the Netherlands. In addition, by also actually preparing Dutch income tax returns, onestopTaxPrep can fully integrate both tax systems to maximize your overall tax position. All with emphasis on professional service, accuracy and speed all that at competitive fees.

We will:

  • answer any tax related question you have
  • review tax return you prepared yourself for accuracy
  • assist you in case of an audit
  • help you with your late filing
  • assist you in social security related matter.

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 3959

1001 AT Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Visiting address:

Keizersgracht 241

2nd floor


The Netherlands

Office Location Eindhoven

Building Fellenoord 100 – 180

Regus 4th Floor



General:      +31 85 8000 095

Amsterdam: +31 20 8208 756

Eindhoven +31 40 266 8668

US Tax:       +31 85 8000 092

Dutch Tax:  +31 85 8000 093


+31 85 8000 090


About us

OnestopTaxPrep has over 18 years of specialization in providing combined Dutch and U.S. tax preparation and consulting services. This specialization has assisted U.S. nationals living and / or working in The Netherlands and Dutch nationals living in the U.S.A.

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