How we work


Our goal is to make the filing process run as smoothly as possible. Communication and open relationship with your advisor are the key factors to achieve that goal.

To ensure an open relationship and a good line of communication, we prefer to meet with clients before entering into an engagement. We believe that you would also like to be acquainted with the people dealing with your personal tax affairs.

Therefore, after the initial contact, either through our website, personal recommendation or otherwise, we encourage potential clients to have a one-hour personal intake to review their tax situation. During the meeting, we are also able to gather invaluable information on your tax position and review personal tax planning possibilities.

During the initial meeting, we will provide a summary of the tax services required for their tax position and provide a fee proposal. The fee proposal is based on the tax preparation services needed for the year, including a review of tax correspondence and follow-up communication with the appropriate taxing authorities.