U.S. tax return fees


Base fee U.S. Federal Income Tax Return: EUR 1250 (excl. 21% VAT),* and includes:

preparation of the 1040 Forms Schedules A / B

preparation of the 1040 Forms Schedule D with up to 15 transactions

preparation of the foreign related Forms 1116 / 2555

preparation of the AMT Forms 1116 / 6251 and 8801

Federal extension to October 15th

1 hour of consulting

Additional fees apply for the following increments (excl. 21% VAT):

1040 Forms Schedule D with more than 15 transactions: EUR 50 (per 15 transactions)

Form 8833: EUR 50 to 100 per form

Federal extension from October 16th to December 15th: EUR 75

State extension: EUR 25

Form 8938: EUR 150 per person

PFIC Form (Form 8621): EUR 25 per PFIC

PFIC "Deemed Sale": EUR 75 per PFIC

Individual State Income Tax Return: EUR 200

Schedule C (self employment): EUR 200

Schedule E (rental property, partnership income, etc): EUR 75

Form 8854 (Expatriation Statement): EUR 250

Form 3520 Foreign trusts and gifts: EUR 250

Amended Federal Income tax return (Form 1040X): EUR 500 to 750 per year

Form W-9:  EUR 75

Form W-8BEN: between EUR 75 and EUR 175, depending on the complexity

Preparation of Foreign Bank Account Forms (FBAR): EUR 100 per person (excl. 21% VAT).

Base fee U.S. Estimated Tax Calculation: EUR 250 (excl. 21% VAT).

The fee is for the tax preparation and review of the tax assessment. The fee does not include meetings, follow-up communications with taxing authorities or advisory. These services will be charged on an hourly fee basis.

* Does not cover corporations, partnerships and Dutch legal entities. Fees are listed separately.

Tax returns for businesses

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