Dutch tax return fees


Base fee per Dutch Income Tax Return: EUR 425 (excl. 21% VAT)*.

Fee per increment (excl. 21% VAT):

Transfer / Migration Year: EUR 50

Box 3 income (> 5 accounts): EUR 50

Box 3 income (> 15 accounts): EUR 75

Box 2 income: EUR 150

Tax Return for the partner: EUR 200

Self-employment income: EUR 375

Filing a request for extension of filing: EUR 15

Request for mortgage interest refund: EUR 100 (excl. 21% VAT).

The fee is for the tax preparation and review of the tax assessment. The fee does not include meetings, review of specific positions, follow-up communications with taxing authorities or advisory. These services will be charged on an hourly fee basis.

* Standard Dutch Tax Return, including Box 1 income with employment income, home ownership and standard deductions. The fee does not cover tax returns for small businesses. Fees are listed separately.