OnestopTaxPrep offers expertise, high quality and personal service at very competitive fees.

Fees are composed of the base fee for a Dutch and / or U.S. Income Tax Return added with increments depending on personal situation and complexities.

Base fee U.S. Federal Income Tax Return: EUR 900 (excl. 21% VAT),* and includes:

preparation of the 1040 Forms Schedules A / B

preparation of the 1040 Forms Schedule D with up to 15 transactions

preparation of the foreign related Forms 1116 / 2555

preparation of the AMT Forms 1116 / 6251 and 8801

more on  U.S. tax return fees

Base fee per Dutch Income Tax Return: EUR 375 (excl. 21% VAT)*. More on Dutch tax return fees

Consultancy services are charged on an hourly fee basis. Our hourly fees range from EUR 125 to EUR 200 depending on seniority of our consultants. More on advisory services fees

Standard fee for the application for the 30% ruling: EUR 375 (excl. 21% VAT)*. More on 30% ruling fees

Dutch income tax return for self-employed individuals: EUR 750 (excl. 21% VAT). More on Tax returns for business

U.S. Federal Income Tax Return for Businesses:

- per Form 5471 for reporting active Foreign Corporations: starting EUR 750

- More on  Tax returns for business

! Contact us for our fees for Croatia and Central and Eastern Europe at info.cee@onestoptaxprep.com