OnestopTaxPrep has 17 years of specialization in providing combined Dutch and U.S. tax preparation and consulting services.

This specialization has assisted U.S. nationals living and / or working in the Netherlands and Dutch nationals living in the U.S.

Specialization in both tax systems means a full understanding of how the two systems will affect your tax position and how you can plan your tax position for maximum tax efficiency in both countries. It also avoids situations where one sided tax planning results in negative tax effects in the other country.

Besides being experts in preparation of U.S. and Dutch tax returns, we are experienced international tax advisors as well. We can assist you with any international tax related questions, including 30% ruling, audit and social security related matters. We also offer guidance in preparation of simple U.S. tax returns by yourself.


We are dedicated to providing you with professional assistance tailored to your unique tax position.

This is our added value to your tax returns!

Maximizing your tax efficiency and saving you the hassle of having to spend extra time dealing with multiple tax preparers in multiple locations and time zones.


We have over 18 years of experience in international tax planning services.

It is important to look at clients’ tax position from a global view and plan your tax matters on time in order to maximize your tax efficiency, especially, when dealing with international taxation.


OnestopTaxPrep's business model is based on sustainability rather than growth and expansion.

By carefully balancing the volume of clients against the level required to sustain the business, you, as our client, can count on more attention and better service.


onestopTaxPrep has an experience in providing advisory and tax return preparation services for Americans located around the Europe and Europeans in the United States. 

The first step is to fully understand clients’ position from all the perspectives. We look at each case individually.


All your financial decisions lead to taxation thus it is important to plan ahead decisions such as moving overseas, selling your house or taking out a pension investment plan.

In many cases, people could save thousands of dollars in taxes if they consulted a tax professional beforehand.


We are focusing on delivering individual advice and clients’ needs above everything else.

Our goal is to provide an ongoing personal advice for our clients and plan ahead any future actions that could trigger taxation rather than be expanding. You can expect an individual advice and one point of contact for any of your tax affairs.